“Sometimes we don't realize the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory..."

Based out of Southern Maryland. I can cover quite a bit of ground. My specialties are portraits, family, wedding and nature photography.

Simply said, people inspire me And I love to capture their story. I love evoking emotion from people who view my work, and I love capturing the emotion of my subjects through my lens. What I’ve learned through photography is that part of my job is getting to know people, engage with them, and make them feel comfortable. This yields far better results and makes things so much more fun, and allows for a far deeper photo than merely skin deep. It is not enough to be a technically and artistically great photographer- this is only one side of the coin; the opposite side is the personality of the person behind the camera and their ability to interact with the person in front of the lens.

Photography is art and that is what I want to create for you. If you care about artistic imagery, think my style suits you perfectly and ultimately you feel that we would get along - get in touch, and together we can create something special.