““It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.””

Client Reviews

“Brian (and his assistant Chelsea) did a fantastic job as our wedding photographer. He took the time to preview the venue weeks before the ceremony to ensure the best shots and lighting could be achieved, making sure no precious moments would be lost. He captured so many amazing moments and expressions not just on our faces, but our loved ones, too. I understand it’s hard to be everywhere at once and capture everything, but we could not be happier with what he was able to get for us that day.”

—Nikki and Wes

“Brian is amazing! He photographed my wedding in November 2019. I was thoroughly impressed by his high level of professionalism. Brian went above and beyond to test lighting in the venue in advance. At the last moment, literally, the day of, our ceremony venue changed and Brian handled the quick change like a true professional. His eye for appropriate angles and artistic beauty make him a perfect photographer for whatever anyone would want. He pays attention to detail.”

—Stacy and David

“My husband and I had a slapped together COVID 19 wedding on May 4th, 2020. We contacted Brian, with extremely short notice, in hopes he would capture our little ceremony. With very little time, we has able to capture some of the most stunning shots. Since it was in our home and on our lawn on a random Monday at 2pm, the sunlight was all over the place. Some how he managed to get some beautiful shots of everything.”

—Brian and Alexandra

“Brian and his assistant Chelsea were amazing. I brought my family of 5 to a wooded area to do pictures. It had rained for a few days before and Brian went down and checked out the site to make sure that it wasn't too muddy for my 3 little children to be in. He spent a lot of time playing with the kids and just following them around and letting them take the lead. We all had a lot of fun playing and taking pictures.”

—Mike and Stacey

“I met Brian a couple of months ago through a neighbor. He is an amazing photographer and an incredibly kind, generous person. I believe the beauty in his photography is due to his natural talent and kind soul. I highly recommend him. He is genuinely concerned about making sure you get the pictures you love! And trust me, you will!”

—Curt and Alison

“"Amazing pictures and a great experience"”